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We produce high quality web sites and portals that are always easy to use and to be updated thanks to content management system.

Among all, Joomla! JoomlaRoma ico play JoomlaRoma ico link cms JoomlaRoma ico link is one of the most used in the world. especially recommended for websites with complex content structure and multilingual feature.

These kind of websites are build with a system that keeps content managing and programming well separate.

For this reason updating the site content doesn't require any programming skill.


Content management systems are useful for great organizations that must update frequently their websites pages and have few time for staff training.

In fact few hours training is often sufficient for one person to be independent in website updating.

technological research,
quality and support

Yayamedia JoomlaRoma ico link esterno stands out concerning quality, reliability, flexibility and innovative range ot its projects.

Websites built with Joomla!, sometimes could be fulfilled with other technologies where necessary.

When the jobs is done, customer is never alone.

A professional team follows customers in the startup of their website offering a tested and structured support system.


We can say a website is accessible JoomlaRoma ico link when all users can access it without discriminations based on disabilities.

Website accessible version guaranties usability for users that need particular supporting technologies  to  deal with visual impairments, mobility problems, hearing impairments, seizure disorder, learning  and cognitive disabilities.
See example realized for Poste Italiane JoomlaRoma ico link

Website accessibility is a necessary requisite for Public Administrations, Istitutional Organizations or Enterprise Companies that must reach and involve a large number of visitors.

who we are

Yayamedia JoomlaRoma ico link esterno is an advanced software house specialized in high technology web services for Public Administrations and large companies.

Our skilled staff is daily involved developing new programming solutions and researching for non conventional technologies.

We pay great attention to every single project development step and give exceptional customer support.


where we are

Our agency is based in Rome,
Via Prati della Farnesina 1,
just one minute walk from Ponte Milvio.
Ph. 06.36381637 • info@yayamedia.itJoomlaRoma ico mail


If you have a project in your mind, please come and have a coffee with us, we will discuss it together!



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